Natural Grass for the WIN!

Natural grass ATHLETIC fields are designed to withstand sports activities.

  • Westfield has ZERO natural grass athletic fields.
  • Westfield has minimally maintained schoolyards and parks, forced to serve as athletic fields.

Natural grass ATHLETIC fields offer many benefits:

  • Durable, safer, virtually rain-out proof playing surfaces
  • Provide far more hours of play than Westfield’s current playgrounds and parks that are being used as fields
  • Absorb storm water and require less irrigation
  • Free from toxic chemicals
  • Provide cool and cushioned surfaces
  • Do not need to be rested or replaced
  • Grow stronger and resilient as soil health improves
  • Captures and store carbon dioxide in the rootless and soil
  • Cost far less to install and maintain than artificial turf over time

The Field Fund works with the towns, schools, and community of Martha’s Vineyard – including recreational sports leagues – to preserve and improve the island’s natural grass playing fields. They offer support to improve and better maintain their fields using a regenerative approach.


Check out their website to learn more about natural grass fields and links to other resources.